This Fall charcuterie board is easy and welcomes the autumn season! Perfect for any party or family get together. Filled with Fall ingredient ideas.

– Apple Cider Donuts – Dried cranberries – Dried candied oranges – Luxardo Cherries – Trader Joe’s Chocolate Mousse Pumpkins  – Pumpkin Muffins  – Stroopwaffels *all options below

Build a Foundation

Place any bowls first. Then, place any larger items (donuts, cupcakes). This sets your foundation. The items should get gradually smaller and fill in the gaps.

Create Movement

Utilize movement to create a beautiful board. When placing the foods, you can create a combination of wavy patterns or more uniform placements.

Contrast Colors

When placing your foods, contrast your colors indifferent areas of the board. This creates visual excitement.

Vary your Sizes

Play around with placing larger items next to smaller items. You can experiment with different sizes. You can also experiment with patterns.

Vary Flavors

Depending on your dietary preferences, it is always great to have a variety of flavors on the plate. Use different nuts, dried fruits, candies and spreads.